11949540_10207494614864663_8845638107922057197_nHey, thanks for coming to my little corner of this vast information superhighway!

Growing up, I was always told I possessed a natural talent for the written word. As a foundation of communication in our species, writing outlasts spoken words, it outlasts eras, and even transcends civilizations. Literature has taught us about the past, and given us insights into how to pursue the future.

I believe writing is a way for us to express individuality, our creativity, and purifies the soul. To keep ideas, thoughts, and plans inside seeks to clutter the mind. Writing is a powerful outlet for everyone. Regardless of your level of skill, oral and written communication are the foundation by which we grow as a species.

Writing was never something I actively pursued as a youth, I usually just did it and was done. In college, I started to notice that I was more excited about essays than a page full of math, or a book full of scientific experiments. Writing is a passion.

I have inspired others with my words. Either with ideas that they have pursued, or in changing the mentalities of others. Literary expression empowers us as individuals and has, as demonstrated throughout history, changed the course of civilization on this tiny blue pearl we call Earth many times. I want to be part of something that powerful, that influential. This site is my attempt and commitment to make my voice heard. Hopefully you are as excited as I am for the journey ahead of us!

My body of work will be posted here. If you are interested in contacting me for work, my email will be listed with this page, and I will make an earnest attempt to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks so much for peeking into my world. I hope it is one you will find yourself lost in for many days to come!

— Jimmy

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